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Novarum Homes

Classical Architecture meets 'Building Science'

Novarum Homes Inc. is a recently incorporated (2022) and established  residential construction company in Texas that specializes in building sustainable, comfortable but architecturally classical designs. With a focus on the classical proportions and styles for the local area and the historical precedent but not leaving out any modern conveniences, but rather, going beyond in incorporating principles of “building science”.

Wladyslaw, a Canadian, is the founder and president. He has spent over 30 years in architectural millwork, cabinet making, manufacturing and production of wood products, home renovations and several home builds and additions.

Novarum Homes is also looking to manufacture, given our founders experience, manufactured tiny homes with specific proprietary paneled technology for more affordable housing options to the Texas and greater USA market.

Novarum Homes is a residential custom home builder, speculative home builder and tiny home manufacturer (coming soon). Novarum’s services are complete with in-house design consulting on classical principles, in-house labor and also general contracting and sub-contracting as required.

Home Builds

Midland Cottage, Tiny, ON

Interior Finishes & Millwork

Monaco House, GTA, ON

Commercial Installation

U of T Library, Toronto, ON

Exterior Millwork

The Mattamy Gazebo, Oakville, ON

Interior Finishes & Millwork

Nottingham House, Bradford, ON

Tiny Homes

Tiny Home RV Project

Our Services

Architectural Consultation

Design and Rendering

Materials & Construction

General Contracting